Flex 3 for Linux

1) The entire install process consists of installing the following 2 meta packages:

=> eclipse and
=> flexbuilder_linux_install_a3_033108.bin
=> j2re1.4

2) Download the packages from the below mentioned link.

=> j2re1.4 (apt-get install j2re1.4)

=> Eclipse (download through Browser)


=> Flex Builder 3 Alpha


3) After installing the j2re1.4 package do the following steps

=> make directory Flex-Builder in /usr/local/

$ mkdir /usr/local/Flex-Builder

=> Untar the eclipse-SDK-3.3.2-linux-gtk.tar.gz to /usr/local/Flex-Builder

$ cd /usr/local/Flex-Builder

$ tar xvfz eclipse-SDK-3.3.2-linux-gtk.tar.gz

=> first make flexbuilder_linux_install_a3_033108.bin executables

$ chmod 755 flexbuilder_linux_install_a3_033108.bin

=> now run the flexbuilder_linux_install_a3_033108.bin

$ bash flexbuilder_linux_install_a3_033108.bin

=> follow the instructions and give path of (eclips installation path and path where to install flex-builder).

=> at last go to /usr/local/Flex-Builder and run the script Adobe_Flex_builder.sh

$ bash Adobe_Flex_builder.sh

=> Enjoy the flex on linux


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